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Stick and Bag Mix

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After extensive testing and tweaking we are pleased to bring out the new stick and bag mixes. These little bags of goodness are sure to get those extra bites adding lots of soluble attraction around your hookbait. These mixes are NOT designed to fizz all over the place and put a huge chemical haze around your bait that seems fashionable at the moment. Instead we have opted for a mix which gives out heaps of food signals and taste which we feel those big wiley old carp will be subtly attracted too rather than repelled.

Each of the 3 mixes have been tailored to suit the relevant bait but will perform equally well over whatever your fishing over. We have mixed salt in 2 grades and have also slightly dampened the whole mix down with a sweet liquid. The mix is slightly moist and needs no preparation, straight in to your relevant pva system. Although there is room within the mix if you wanted to add more liquids. No artificial preservatives are used. These come in 1kg resalable bags. Keep them sensibly out the sun etc. and keep the bag sealed to maintain optimum condition.

A little under used tip when fishing over silk weed is to make up a stick but dont compress hard. Stick on a bottom bait/wafter to you rig and a light lead and be instantly different to all those pop ups out there! A lovely slow sinking pile of goodness nestled gently on the weed.


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Stick and Bag Mix