Choose 5kg or 10kg of our SSD Pro9 boilies in either 16mm, 20mm or dumbells with a pot of hookbaits and 250ml TMP Liquid with 3kg of matching fast breakdown pellets.

SSD Pro9

Formulated for cold water use in particular although can be used all year round. The highly digestible Pro9 contains a blend of premium nutritional ingredients including crushed seeds, HNV milks and bird foods that are easily absorbed in very cold temperatures. Finished with our unique SSD attractor package that boosts metabolism as well as tasting sweet and fruity/creamy. This bait has a proven track record on the most demanding venues.

Weight N/A

16mm Round, 20mm Round, 10mm Dumbell, 14mm Dumbell


5kg, 10kg

SSD Pro9 Hookbait Options

14mm Matching Pop Ups, 16mm Matching Wafters, Matching Dumbell Wafters


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