Choose 5kg or 10kg of our Freshwater Shrimp boilies in either 16mm, 20mm or dumbells with pots of hookbaits, 250ml of Amino 30 Liquid Booster and 3kg of our matching fast breakdown pellets.

Freshwater Shrimp

Premium crustacean meals, pre digested fish meal, milk proteins combined with bird foods and natural extracts. Optimum levels of soluble ingredients are used to create superior attraction, nutrition, digestion and nutrient absorption in any water temperature. A true classic which has cemented itself as one of the best boilies made. Finished off with our own patented active shrimp flavour.


After years of development we are finally ready to go. After trying 100’s of batches with the “normal” way of doing shelflifes we just weren’t happy. We also couldn’t get our baits to not go off after 4-5 months without using very high levels of the normal preserves or drying the baits to death. Neither of which we wanted to do.

We now feel we have the perfect compromise. If kept sealed and looked after (ie not in sunlight and in a cool place), these baits will last 10-12 months before they will start to turn. The packaging is also key as it doesn’t allow the bait to breath. Once opened the bait should be used within 6-8 weeks as oxygen and moisture will have entered the bag and will set the bait off. It’s not an exact science as there are too many variables temperature/moisture etc…

The preserves/stabilisers we have settled on are human grade and water soluble. This meaning once in water, the bait will absorb it and the preserves wash out over time. The baits being soluble, it doesn’t take too long giving you what we believe to be as close to a freezer bait in terms of solubility and activity as possible.



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Session Pack, 5kg Bait Deal, 10kg Bait Deal

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10mm Dumbell, 16mm Round, 14mm Dumbell, 20mm Round

Pellet Options

Freshwater Shrimp Fast Breakdown Pellet, Fish Mix Pellet

Freshwater Shrimp Hookbait Options

12mm Matching Pop Ups, 16mm Matching Pop Ups, 12mm Pink Pop Ups, 14mm Pink Pop Ups, 12mm White Pop Ups, 14mm White Pop Ups, 12mm Yellow Pop Ups, 14mm Yellow Pop Ups, 16mm Matching Wafters, 16mm Pink Wafters, 16mm White Wafters, Matching Dumbell Wafters, Pink Dumbell Wafters, White Dumbell Wafters, Yellow Dumbell Wafters, 16mm Matching Hard Hookbaits, 20mm Matching Hard Hookbaits


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