Not just your run of the mill “nutty” attractor bait. The ActiveNut boasts as exceptional amino acid profile and nutritional properties which many other nut baits do not. A combination of vegetable proteins, peanut, tiger meals, quality milk proteins and a live yeast extract which helps with the carps digestion. Milled seeds and liver powder are added at optimum levels. Liquid betaine and our very own flavour profile to finish.

Freshwater Shrimp

Premium crustacean meals, pre digested fish meal, milk proteins combined with bird foods and natural extracts. Optimum levels of soluble ingredients are used to create superior attraction, nutrition, digestion and nutrient absorption in any water temperature. A true classic which has cemented itself as one of the best boilies made. Finished off with our own patented active shrimp flavour.

Liver Shellfish

A blend of fishmeal’s balanced with milk proteins, bird food and natural extracts and a human grade beef liver powder. A neutral type of bait which has accounted for a scary amount of captures and one that has a huge following. A complete food source finished off with our own active shellfish flavour.

Liver Specials

A tweaked version of the ‘cult’ Liver Shellfish. Utilising a blend of low temperature Sardine and low temperature fish meals, milk proteins, bird foods and a soluble protein makes the bait very dark. The finest human grade beef liver powder and marine extracts. This is finished off with our active shellfish flavour and metabolism booster that gives a lovely creamy edge.

SAS Squid

A balance of fishmeal’s and milk proteins with bird foods including the famous Haiths Robin Red. Optimum levels of soluble ingredients creating superior attraction, nutrition absorption and digestibility. Enhanced with amino compounds, vitamins and minerals and finished off with the best Squid flavour/attractor in the industry. An old school classic.

SSD Pro9

Formulated for cold water use in particular although can be used all year round. The highly digestible Pro9 contains a blend of premium nutritional ingredients that are easily absorbed in very cold temperatures. Finished with our unique SSD attractor package that boosts metabolism as well as tasting sweet and fruity/creamy. This bait has a proven track recover on the most demanding venues.


Weight 25 kg
500ml Liquid Choice

Active Nut Syrup, Amino 30 Glug, Anchovy Extract, Hemp Oil, Hydrolysed Salmon, Sweet TMP Liquid


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