The new Barbus Baits soaks are a thinner liquid designed to soak in to groundbaits, pellets and crumb. This food based liquid will disperse quickly through the layers but does will leave behind a residue for hours.

Boasting a lovely, fishy make up including Minamino, Hydrolysed Salmon, Pre digest fishmeal, Anchovy Extracts among other things.

The Shrimp and Squid have been loaded with the relevant flavour packages.

The Barbus black like the groundbait and hookbaits, have elevated levels of n-butric, chilli oleoresins and peppers giving it a lovely kick.

Although these soaks have been designed to compliment our Barbel range the carp lads have been doing exceptionally well too in testing.

This will separate slightly when tested simply give the berry can a good shake before application.

Weight 1.3 kg