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Trent Baits Gallery 
Now with 15 years worth of great pictures to choose from its hard to decide which to use. We have pictures of some of the most awesome & stunning fish around, infact many of the countrys most sought after Carp have been caught on the baits from our range, I found it very difficult to pick some for the gallery on this, our third website.  Obviously we could not have them all on here so for this gallery i have selected some which have stuck in my mind over the years and some noteable recent captures, they are not just the biggest and in all honesty I've left out as many quality pics as i have included becuase you have to draw a line somewhere and as we are continually getting more pictures sent in we will try and keep it updated.
Remember you can tag us in your photos on facebook or email them to me info@trentbaits.com.

The Brute 47lb + This is just one of a rack of  quality fish caught by Shaun Mooney on the Liver Shellfish & Liver Specials

Hippy Matt & a stunning Mirror caught on the Freshwater Shrimp
of all the photos we have had sent in over the years this is one of my favourites.

Shaun Gateley With a mint Oxfordshire 40 SSD PRO9
Craig Stevenson  with a big east midlands mirror  caught on the Freshwater Shrimp

Dave Ellyatt with a stunning 30lb+ oxfordshire mirror caught on the Liver Shellfish
The Smile says it all Shaun Mooney with a cracking mirror from St Ives Lagoon on the Liver Shellfish.
Craig stevenson with a old Savay mirror know as the "Broken finger fish". Freshwater Shrimp. Oli Bowles with a classic mirror caught while fishing a big cambridgshire  Pit.

Shaun Gateley & another mint oxfordshire 40lb + Mirror on the SSD PRO 9
Dan Bruton again with a Northants Wood carving caught on the Freshwater Shrimp
When Shaun Gateley caught this 50lb 10oz Mirror  on freezing cold Febuary day he became the first ever angler to catch two consecutive UK 50lb + fish, (don't no if its ever been done again)as his previous bite had resulted in the 53lb Oxfordshire record, both fell for the Freshwater Shrimp.
Craig Stevenson with a Big Pit Common. Freshwater Shrimp.
Neil whittle with a Northants mid 40 on the Liver Specials Dan Bruton again with another Cambs Stunner

Long time Trent customer Jason Wheat with one of the East midlands most wanted mid 40 Linear

Dave Ellyatt with a lovely old mirror

Another long time Trent user Wes Savage with his PB Common
from a Northants Pit
I have lost count of how many good fish Darren Blunt has caught over the years on our gear, this was one of two 40's in a week from two different counties. 
Savay's Wimbledon Common 46lb 10oz Freshwater Shrimp Oli Bowles with a lake record mid 40 cambridgeshire common
Chris Czarny with a low 40 midlands linear which had been on the missing list for 3 years. On the Freshwater Shrimp Phil Ward with one of the east midlands most saught after old warriors.
Oli Bowles with an awsome fenland scaley mirror Shaun Mooney with a low 40 mirror caught from a southern club water on the Liver Shellfish

Another Classic old mirror from a 190 acre midlands pit caught on the Frshwater Shrimp again. Craig Stevenson
Hippy Matt again with a Low 40 mirror from some years back on the 'Shrimp'