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Delivery Prices
Uk mainland postage costs upto 1kg £4.45,
1kg - 5kg £7.00, 5 -10kg £8.95,
10 - 25kg £12 then 0.33p per kg upto
 55kg then £6.50 for each 25kg after  that.
Please call or email for pallet rates 
on orders over 150kg

Frequently Asked Questions

01, How can you offer such a range of such high quality proven baits at such a low price?

Firstly we individually source all our own ingredients so we deal directly with the producers or importers, the high volumes produced allow us to negotiate the best prices on the freshest products . Next we carry out every step of production ourselves from mixing the base mix to rolling and packaging (its amazing how many companies do not) so you don't pay a premium  of a number of different people making profit on your bait., or  incur the costs of mix being sent to one place to be rolled then distributed from another.

How Long does delivery usually take ?

Usually seven to ten days on rolled bait.

At Trent we pride ourselves on supplying freshly rolled baits, generally rolling a different bait from our range each day, it is then dispatched on a next day delivery service so you receive your bait the day after it is rolled.  When your order is placed it will go into a queuing system and we will call you when it is being rolled so you know when to expect it and due to this all our baits are rolled to order and generally takes around 7 to 10 days from order to delivery although sometimes it can be quicker.  If you need bait in a hurry  or delivery on a specific date it can be worth calling us on 01159 441010 to see if we can do anything for you..


03, Can I collect my order ?

Yes it is possible to arrange collection of your order, but we are not a shop we are a manufacturer and as such collection is available by prior arrangement only so let us know what you need and we will arrange a suitable collection time with you. 
If you call on us without prior arrangement please do not be offended if we are unable to serve you.


04, Is the bait sent freshly rolled or frozen ?

All orders of 10 kg or more of one bait type are sent out fresh, sometimes we have freezer stock and if you are desperate for bait we may be able to send you something out the freezer. 
Smaller orders for bait less than 10kg may be sent from the freezer or if you require two different baits as part of one order ie. 50kg for £315 and you want 25kg SSD PRO9 and 25kg Tikka Spice then it is likely one bait would be fresh the other frozen as we only roll one type of bait on any given day.


05, Can I customise my bait ?

We do not generally offer any custom options on our range, all our baits have been extensively researched, developed and tested before they are released .  We believe our baits to be amongst the best available and do not require any  changes.   However if you do want changes to one of our mixes we may be able to do something in December or January so it may be worth asking then, but bare in mind we work in minimum 20kg mixes.